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Country Specific Disability Support £££ Funds

Our in-country mobility and disability aid distribution means we are ideally placed to further assist and empower disabled recipients with financial support through food packs, accessing water & electricity, education and training and business setup.

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Khuda Bakhsh (Pakistani)

has been disabled since birth. He is an orphan too. On receiving his wheelchair, he became animated and is now very possessive over it and refers to it as his “gear”. His name means Blessing of God. Our distributer Abdul Basit Khawaja was extremely moved on meeting Khuda and by his spirit and happiness. “He cut my heart into pieces. If he’s happy with his life, he’s thankful, why are we nowhere close to him”.

Hiba (Syria)

13 years refugee of the Syrian conflict Hiba Agil could walk until two years ago when she became sick. She also broke her leg and has nerve damage in both feet. “I wanted a wheelchair so could play outside with my friends and have fun. Now I can do that.”

… a 46-year-old Palestinian living in Burj El Shemali camp in South Lebanon.

One day in 1991 during the civil war I was in Saida while bombs were falling all over the city. I was shot by a sniper while I was crossing the road looking for shelter. That’s all I remember.

When I woke up in the hospital the next day, the doctors told me that I could no longer walk. To be honest, the rest of that day is a blur. But I am a strong man and I eventually adjusted to my new status quo with a big heart and an even bigger smile.

Today, I have my own car and I can drive myself. But the wheelchair is still my number one means of transportation…