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Becoming a volunteer is
as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Be part of a small, grassroots, volunteer led charity – making a big impact on a global level.

What we do depends on the goodwill, time and effort from individuals who want to help to make a difference, small or large.

Time is precious and spending it wisely is important.

Why give us your time? That’s easy. You can make a transformative difference to someone’s life overseas through the simple, yet powerful, gift of mobility.

Our extended team has changed lives and intend to continue to do so for as long as we are able to raise funds and send mobility aids overseas

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and is limited only by your imagination and energy. Come join us!


email / call 03333 446259   / use the Volunteer Form

A. Activate your muscles

  • Join the team for a care home uplift
  • Help unload at the warehouse
  • Help load the container
  • Sort and label mobility equipment
email / call 03333 446259   / use the Volunteer Form

B. Build relationships

  • A simple phone call to a Care Home can result in hundreds of aids being rescued
  • Organise the big day – container loading
  • Work with our charity partners at home and abroad
  • Sign up as a local recycler to our Nationwide Mobility Aid Recycling Network
email / call 03333 446259   / use the Volunteer Form

C. Create your own fundraiser

  • Climb a mountain, kayak, run, walk or cycle
  • Bake sale,  bag packing, raffle, competition
  • Mosque  / Church / Temple collection
  • Use your own imagination
email / call 03333 446259   / use the Volunteer Form

“Volunteering with Wheels to Heal has been fulfilling on so many levels for me. I have been astounded and delighted at the difference the mobility aids have made to strangers overseas and how emotionally connected I have been to their stories.”

Patsy Wood


“When people all over the world need outside assistance to have a decent quality of life, I can’t stand by while wheelchairs are being thrown away locally.”

Munarwar Akbar