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Over 24,000 Mobility and Disability Aids recycled to date.

The statistics related to Disability across the globe show that over one billion people in the world live with some form of disability. People with disabilities often have poorer health outcomes, lower education achievements, less economic participation, and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities often due to barriers in accessing services that many of us have long taken for granted, including health, education, employment, and transport as well as information.

Some of the greatest minds in the world such as Stephen Hawking may not have had the opportunity to enhance our understanding of the universe without the support available to him. And there so many more; the composer Beethoven (deaf), co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs (dyslexic), USA president Franklin Roosevelt (wheelchair user), the artist Frida Kahlo (physical disability), the sports star Muhammed Ali (Parkinson’s disease), to name a just a few.

We want to unleash the power and potential for as many people with disabilities as we possibly can, and you can help us.

Khuda Bakhsh….

has been disabled since birth. He is an orphan too. On receiving his wheelchair, he became animated and is now very possessive over it and refers to it as his “gear”. His name means Blessing of God. Our distributer Abdul Basit Khawaja was extremely moved on meeting Khuda and by his spirit and happiness. “He cut my heart into pieces. If he’s happy with his life, he’s thankful, why are we nowhere close to him”.


is 28 years old. She’s disabled by birth, she cannot walk. She couldn’t get married because of this disability. 50% of the body doesn’t work but she has not lost resolve. She is a handicraft expert in specialities of Tharparkar, she makes Ralli, Caps and neck designs.
“The wheelchair will help me to become independent and promote my handicraft work, I am happy, and I thank you for giving me support”.

… a 17-year-old Lebanese from Batolay, in southern Lebanon.

I was born prematurely, only six months into the pregnancy. My mother was told that I was fine, although I was kept in an incubator for 53 days. Something happened during that time. It’s not clear if it was a medical mistake or my body couldn’t handle the therapy but my legs stopped moving. I thank God for my family. They have been there for me through thick and thin, never wavering in their support.

As a child, I had to change wheelchairs constantly as I grew. The last one I had was not in the best condition and it was causing me pain all over my body. My mom contacted the WHO. To our joy, they took note of my situation. Eventually they asked me to pick up my new wheelchair. It is so nice to feel comfortable in your own chair! I have nothing but love and respect for Wheels to Heal and Anera. You are truly amazing.”


Ahmad is suffering with brain atrophy which means he is paralyzed from below the neck, we provided him with a wheelchair, so that he can enjoy the basic things of life.


This story starts with Wheels to Heal volunteers checking in a wheelchair on their personal tour of Lebanon/Jordon. The idea was to take it there and donate it to a disabled person in need. This required some effort and even one of them sitting in the chair on arrival at Beirut.

Little did we know that it would be donated to an 11 year old Syrian refugee boy called Tariq. The family arrived from Syria two years ago.

When we entered Tariq’s family home in Zeidi Wain near Beruit we noticed Tariq crawling along the corridor floor into the living room. Tariq was visible upset by strangers at the house and cried for quite a while. Tariq became disabled after a fall aged 9 months. We collectively managed to get Tariq to relax by giving him some upcycled toy cars we had brought to give to refugee children. Just before we were about to give up and leave Tariq eventually co-operated and got up and sat on his wheelchair. He gave us a big smile.

This chair was destined for Tariq. Wheels to Heal would like to thank for the Charitable Association for Palestinian Relief for their assistance in identifying a needy recipient for the wheelchair.


13 years refugee of the Syrian conflict Hiba Agil could walk until two years ago when she became sick. She also broke her leg and has nerve damage in both feet. “I wanted a wheelchair so could play outside with my friends and have fun. Now I can do that.”

Ahmed Sharif Akeel

My husband Ahmed Sharif Akeel has had four strokes in his legs and brain. He’s been bedridden since the start of the Syrian war. May Allah make it easy for him. I am the only one assisting him and it is very hard for me. He can’t get up on his own if he is not assisted he can’t do much. Allah reward and except from you all. The wheelchair is great, thank you very much. He can now go outside and move freely.

Faisal Malek

Faisal Malek is suffering from an illness which makes it difficult for him to walk or even speak, for a long time Faisal’s main wish was to be given a wheelchair so that he could improve the standards of his life.

Thanks to your wheelchair which we gave to Faisal, we were able to put a big smile on his face.

Farook Miah

This recipient in Bangladesh is 40 years old. This wheelchair will mobilise him to go outside, to go to the local mosque and go to other places too. And again, it is because of people who have donated a wheelchair from the UK. It goes to disabled brothers and sisters like Farook Miah, that can experience the outside because of your help. Alhamdulillah.

Abdulhamed Aloush

Abdulhamed Aloush is from Kafr Rambil in Syria and he has an illness in both his legs which prevents him from walking. We were able to give him a wheelchair so that he can finally go outside for some fresh air.

Haji Yusaf

65 year old Haji Yusuf has been suffering with diabetes making it difficult for him to walk without support. Now with this new walker, Haji Yusuf can walk around freely without having to rely on anyone.

Ibrahim Mohammad

Ibrahim Mohammad is from the village of Kafr Rambil, the 64 year old was displaced due to heavy bombardments on his village by the regime.

He has an illness which makes it difficult for him to walk, thanks to your support we were able to provide him with a wheelchair which he was in need of.


is 45 years old. Belongs to Tharparkar. One day, her feet started to swell and her legs got weak. She got paralyzed. She said, “I was stuck at my bed previously and was dependent on two people to take me to the washroom, now this wheelchair will make it convenient for me.
“Thank you, I am not dependent on anyone now, this is the first time I have seen this (referring to wheelchair).” I am happy and I thank you for giving me support.”


Abdullah was born with a birth defect which means he can’t walk, we have given him a wheelchair to make his affairs easier.


Mustafa is in a difficult situation as he is suffering with mental disorders along with other issues, we gave him a wheelchair which will hopefully turn his life around for the better.


Musa has two siblings both of whom are disabled, they rely on Musa to move them around and assist them. With your wheelchairs, it will now be easy for Musa to support his siblings and take them outside.


Lima is a displaced girl from South Idlib in Syria and she is struggling with a brain tumour and other illnesses, we were able to give her a wheelchair and bring a smile to her face.


Muhammad from Syria needs three people to carry him when he needs to go from place to place something which is a very big burden for his family and neighbours, Alhamdulillah we were able to give him a wheelchair to not only make it easy for Muhammad but for everyone who is caring for him.


Sair, a Syria refugee has been unable to make his children happy since his injury, he’s always relied on others to fulfil his needs. Thanks to your support we were able to provide him with a wheel chair and walkers so that he can once again bring a smile to his children face.


Ibrahim and his family, refugees in Syria, went through a day which they will never forget, It was on the last day of Ramadan before Eid that the family were tested. Our team visited them to offer support and help them get back on their feet.

Abdi Fatah

Abdi Fatah has been struggling with his deformed foot since birth, with no functional medical centres in Idlib, Syria and him having been displaced recently; our team responded to his request for some medical assistance.


Our team was able to provide the elder Syrian refugee men with walkers which he was in great need of. Thank you for supporting us which allows us to assist people like Sdaif.

… a 50-year-old Palestinian living in Ansarye, in southern Lebanon

“On July 27, 1993, I was working with my brother to fix the roof of our house. A piece of wood suddenly broke, hitting me in my face and causing me to fall from the third floor. I remember nothing further until I awoke in the hospital. I looked around and asked why I was there. It took me a few days to understand that I would no longer be able to walk. But that’s life, and I thank God every day for keeping me alive.

The hardest thing for someone who is paraplegic is learning a new way of doing things. Our wheelchair is like our car—we drive from one place to another and it helps us regain a little freedom. My old wheelchair was in very bad shape and it made my bones hurt. When the Women’s Humanitarian Organization told me I would be getting a new wheelchair, I felt like a little kid again. At that moment, I really wished I could jump for joy.”

Fathi Abu Moghasib
What Life is Like for People with Disabilities in Gaza

Across the street, Fathi Abu Moghasib lay on his bed that he had not left for months. He cleared his throat and recited the story of how he became disabled. After a car accident, Fathi was admitted to a hospital for x-rays and testing only to find out that he would never walk again. “What I once took for granted is now a dream for me,” he said.

Without a proper wheelchair, Fathi stayed at home bound to his bed most of the time. His wife Suad said the family had no food in their fridge for four months.

One day, Fathi borrowed an electric wheelchair from his neighbour who was undergoing surgery. “It turned out that the wheelchair was broken,” said Suad. “The moment he sat on it, he fell off and had three fractures in his left arm.”

Now Fathi uses a working wheelchair that Anera shipped through a medical relief program for the disabled in Gaza. His wheelchair was one of 100 donated by Wheels to Heel, in partnership with four local community-based organisations.

… a 46-year-old Palestinian living in Burj El Shemali camp in South Lebanon.

One day in 1991 during the civil war I was in Saida while bombs were falling all over the city. I was shot by a sniper while I was crossing the road looking for shelter. That’s all I remember.

When I woke up in the hospital the next day, the doctors told me that I could no longer walk. To be honest, the rest of that day is a blur. But I am a strong man and I eventually adjusted to my new status quo with a big heart and an even bigger smile.

Today, I have my own car and I can drive myself. But the wheelchair is still my number one means of transportation. I can’t even go to the bathroom without it. My old wheelchair was in such a bad condition that I sometimes stayed home for days, afraid I would ruin it even more. Things are much different now with my new wheelchair! I can use it all day long because it’s very comfortable and a quality chair.”

A couple more – one from Bangldesh and one from Lebanon,