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Choosing to drop off your aids saves the charity costs and time. Choosing to be a part of the network means we can rescue more aids. In both cases, you are helping to transform more lives.

Every so often we have drop of days within the recycling network, allowing donors to drop of their mobility and disability aids at a specified time.

It is also possible to drop off your item(s) by arrangement to your nearest drop off point. See opposite.

We are continuously looking for more people to give something back by joining the mobility aid recycling network to make it easier for people to recycle their equipment. All you need is some storage space to store items until the Wheels to Heal Quarterly Uplift team can collect them from you. If you can collect items nearby when we have ad hoc requests – even better.

Click here to join as a local recycler or drop off / storage point.

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The U.K’s first Mobility Aid
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of it.


  • Location: Bonanza Wholesale, Centre Street, Tradeston, Glasgow G5 8BJ.
  • Day and time: Monday, Thursday, Friday 11am to 5pm. Sunday 11am to 2pm.
  • Local contact(s): Amjid on 07786 510 994 or Babar on 07931 741 175


  • Location: Blackhall Mosque, Edinburgh
    EH4 2AJ.
  • Day and time: By arrangement.
  • Local contact(s): Mohsan on 07903 001 001

Glasgow East

  • Location: 27 Dalmarnock Road, Glasgow
    G40 4LA.
  • Day and time: Monday to Sunday 9am to 6pm.
  • Local contact(s): Rajak on 07970 063 909

North Lanarkshire

  • Location: Redburn Road, Abrohill, G67 3NR
  • Day and time: By arrangement.
  • Local contact(s): Saleem on 07794 833 996

West Lothian

  • Location: Longbridge, Bathgate EH47 8SA
  • Day and time: By arrangement.
  • Local contact(s): Patsy on 07979 078 331


  • Location: Sime Street, Bradford BD1 3RB
  • Day and time: By arrangement.
  • Local contact(s): Abid on 07539 956 967


  • Location: Sparkbrook, Birmingham B12 8JB
  • Day and time: By arrangement.
  • Local contact(s): Imad on 07943 946 765


  • Location: Masjid Al Rahmah, Wolverhampton WV1 1JD
  • Day and time: By arrangement.
  • Local contact(s): Khalid on 07957 291 023