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“It has been a pleasure working with Wheels to Heal who are constantly working hard to help poor disabled people with disability equipment throughout the world.”

Zahir Uddin, Operations manager, One Life Global Welfare

“We linked up at an expo and they mentioned the work that they do and how many countries they have sent containers to already. Soon we booked a container for Syria and our personnel went to load the items from the Wheels to Heal depot in Glasgow. They loaded wheelchairs, zimmer Frames, crutches, beds and much more and were very passionate about the work. It’s been amazing working with Wheels to Heals and we wish them all the success in there future projects.”

Arshad Patel, Chairman, One Nation

“Innovative, simple, creative charity helping to move the world.”

Naem Raza, CEO, Naeem Raza Ltd

“We are thrilled to be a small part of Wheels to Heal’s journey and to witness its significant impact on people with disabilities around the world. We hope to continue to see how this amazing initiative has and will continue to shape a better future for so many people with little or no access to the equipment and resources they need to live their daily lives.”

Meheen Rangoonwala, Rangoowala Foundation

“It was a great experience and pleasure working with Wheels to Heal. They have been doing a wonderful work in supporting the low-middle income countries with very valuable and much needed mobility devices. In these countries, only 3% of the children & adults with disabilities have access to these devices. These supports are life changing and we wish them all the success with their future projects”

Gopi Kitnasamy, Head of Rehabilitation Services, MJF Charitable Foundation, Sri Lanka

Reliable partners at home and abroad are key to our mission to deliver these precious gifts.


Our work would also not be possible without the network of partners who share our ethos and humanitarian outlook.

They are driven by a fundamental vision. A world where people with disabilities have respect and dignity through the gift of mobility.

Our Partners commitment and compassion help break down barriers faced by those in need overseas.

Many of our current Partners are shown above.

How to become a Wheels to Heal Partner

You will share our aims and achievements, comply with our Memorandum of Understanding and most importantly be able to help us deliver vital mobility aids where they will transform lives.

If you are interested in partnering with us use the contact information below.


email / call 07779264672 / use the Contact Us Form

“In The Gambia , many communities that had to struggle to access mobilities items in the rural areas are now benefiting from the aid Wheels to Heal aid is supplying

Through this aid in 2022, four big hospitals benefited from hospital items and mobility Aid for patients. These efforts have been recognised by the Gambian government and partners on the ground.

We are very grateful for partnering with Wheels to Heal in serving humanity.”

Saihou balajo, HMD Foundation.

“Wheels To Heal and its leadership team led by the kind hearted and humanist Khalid Raza are true friends of Africa. I had a remarkable once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Wheels to Heals to distribute disable and hospital items to the poor and needy people in West Africa – Ghana to be specific. This experience will stay with me forever. Khalid and his team demonstrated their core principle of care and professionalism on the ground in the way they distributed the disable items to the deserving people. People in Africa needs our help. But the help must be channelled through the appropriate organisation. Undoubtedly, Wheels to Heals has demonstrated the ability and professionalism to do just that. I ask that you, me and every one support WTH with their Zakaat, donations and humanitarian spirit of kindness.”

Mariam Suleman, Trustee, Hinterland Foundation, Ghana