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100% donation policy. Volunteer driven.
Please give generously and regularly.

Gift an Aid!

Choose the item(s) you wish to donate.
Donate them regularly. Choose from electric or manual wheelchairs, rollators, commodes, trolleys, zimmer frames, crutches, walking sticks, care home beds, hoists and much much more.

Gift a Container!

Donate a full, half or quarter of 40ft container. CLICK TO LEARN MORE. In the past our containers have been sent to Afghanistan, Gambia, Ghana, Iraq, Lebanon, Malawi, Pakistan, Palestine (Gaza), Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Uganda and Yemen.

Quick Donate!

Donating is as easy as 1,2,3. Don’t forget to add Gift Aid.

Country Specific ££

Our in-country mobility and disability aid distribution means we are ideally placed to further assist and empower disabled recipients with financial support through food packs, accessing water & electricity, education and training and business setup.

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0% fees,
125% donation
Inc. of Gift Aid

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1.4% fees,
125% donation
inc. of Gift Aid

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0% fees,
125% donation
Inc. of Gift Aid

BACS Payments & Standing Orders:

Wheels to Heal /  Sort Code: 08 92 99 / AC/No: 65858598

0% Fees, 125% donation inc. of Gift Aid BACS Form

Please don’t forget to add
Gift Aid if you are a U.K. taxpayer.


A guide to what your donation recycles


Manual wheelchair £25
3 and 4 wheel Rollator £12
Commode £10
Zimmer Frame £8
Table trolley £7
Shower support £5
Crutches £4
Walking Stick £2.50


Electric wheelchair £250
Specialised wheelchair £50
Medical bed £150
Hoist £100

Make your donation go further. 100% donation policy

We recognise that without your generosity our work is limited.

If it is possible for you to give a regular donation please complete the BACS Form and return it to us.

If you are not in a position to donate regularly please use one of the options above to provide any amount that you can, every penny helps us deliver mobility gifts overseas.


Zakat and Sadaqa compliant

We will use 100% of all Zakat and Sadaqa donations we receive this year to help transform lives. On your donation please imply indicate that you are making a Zakat or Sadaqa Donation.


Gift Aid

Make your donation go further. By agreeing to Gift Aid, you automatically add 25% towards your much-needed donation, at no cost to you.

To be eligible for Gift Aid you need to be a UK taxpayer. Each financial year you must pay income or capital gains tax which is greater in value than the amount claimed back from all the charities, and community and sports clubs you donate to. Once you sign up, we will claim Gift Aid on your behalf.


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