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“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

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Khalid Raza

General Secretary
Abid Ali

Sumera Arshad

Only 10% of disabled people in developing countries that need a wheelchair have access to one.

We are an award-winning humanitarian and environmental grassroots volunteer-led charity which was started in 2015 with the chance discovery of 150 wheelchairs and the simple ethos of recycling them.

Since our inception, we have funded and rescued over 24,000 mobility and disability aids from landfill and provided an alternative solution for Care Homes and households across the UK, delivering these into areas such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Gambia, Iraq, Lebanon, Malawi, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Uganda and Yemen.

We were recently recognised for our work by the U.K. Government through its Points of Light Winners Award.

About Wheels to Heal

Our charity has continued to build and expand upon the foundation we have established over the past few years.

We have improved the physical, emotional, and often the economic well-being of thousands of people who face barriers to mobility due to impoverished situations, social stigma, access and conflict.
We have achieved this by:

Developing an incredibly small but successful supply of recycled wheelchairs, Zimmer frames, walking sticks, crutches, in fact any mobility aid that you can think of we have recycled and sent overseas. Some of our generous donors have also provided high end items such as specialised baths, hoists, rehabilitation equipment and other items that all are used to improve lives overseas.

  • We remain volunteer led operating on shoe-string budget to reach some of the most forgotten people in the most challenging of locations.
  • We have a strong trustworthy in-country relationship with several like-minded partners on the ground delivering and distributing to disabled people on our behalf.
  • We have a database of over 4,000 care homes that have expressed an interest in our Free Quarterly uplift service.
  • To date over thirty 40FT HC containers have been delivered to 14 countries.
  • We have been recognised by Just Giving, The House of Lords and 10 Downing Street for our efforts.
  • We rank highly on Google for “Recycle” and the “Donate a wheelchair”, enabling thousands of private doors to access our volunteer driven Free Quarterly Uplift service or nearest drop off points
  • We attend local events, launch appeals on Radio (Awaz, Inspire, Radio Ramadan and interviews on BBC Radio), and reach out to mosques, churches, synagogues, and temples, increasing our reach to a wider local audience helping to dispel myths about people with disabilities and reducing the stigma these individuals face in many of the recipient countries.
  • Reducing the amount of waste and landfill in the UK through recycling and reusing the mobility aids overseas and benefitting people who have no access to this type of life changing equipment.
  • Enabling those who cannot afford or have no access to mobility aids in many countries which are either developing their economy or facing conflict or civil unrest.

Our ethos is humanitarian and environmental. Our goal is to recycle mobility aids which can be reused by people in areas without access to the same support system that exists in the UK for people with disabilities.

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“I have just heard about Wheels to Heal and I feel quite moved actually… It reminds me how lucky I am that we live in a country that has an NHS and to be able to provide support to people in countries where they don’t have so much facilities available to them feels like something we should all be doing.”

Miranda Stern