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Over 700 care homes and dozens of households have already benefited from our Free Uplift Service.

We started by rescuing wheelchairs destined for landfill.

Now our reach is far beyond our original expectation.

How can you as an individual or organisation help support us continue to help people with disabilities overseas?

That is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Avoid landfill, lower your carbon footprint, help the planet and strangers overseas who desperately need the gift of mobility.

We offer four FREE U.K. wide uplifts for Care Homes and Households throughout the year.

  • End of Dec / Beginning of Jan – WINTER
  • End of March / Beginning of April – SPRING
  • End of June / Beginning of July – SUMMER
  • End of Sept / Beginning of Oct – AUTUMN

1. Care Homes Free Quarterly Uplift Service

  • During 2018 we initiated and developed a quarterly uplift service throughout Mainland Scotland from the Borders to the Highlands.
  • Over 4,000 mobility aids have been collected from these generous organisations.
  • We are now expanding into other parts of the UK and cover most of the U.K.
  • Use the contact information below if you want to join this FREE Quarterly Use the contact information below if you want to join this FREE Quarterly  Uplift Service.
email / call 03333 446259 / use the Contact Us Form

2. Individual Households Donating Equipment

  • As we grew our digital presence, people from all over the UK contacted us to donate equipment.
  • Many of the situations are heart-breaking yet at the same time uplifting that those individuals want to ensure that these items are not simply discarded. We arrange either to pick these items up or help arrange delivery to our warehouse, ready for the journey to a new home overseas.
  • Use the contact information below if you are able to donate any mobility aids.
email / call 03333 446259 / use the Contact Us Form

3. Drop-off Points

We have a network of individuals and organisations who have been able to share some space and are looking to expand this service to transform more lives.

  • Are you an individual who may have space in your home, garage or shed and want to become a drop off point locally?
  • Or are you a business with some additional space to join our existing network of drop off points
  • Use the contact information below if you want to join this initiative.
email / call 03333 446259 / use the Contact Us Form

“Really happy to donate these as we get a lot of use of them and benefit from them here at home so why shouldn’t everyone around the world get use out of them.”

Robin, Cathkin House Nursing Home


“This is a fantastic opportunity to be able to help people who have absolutely nothing. It is a shame we have to move this stuff due to having no shortage space but at least we know in my heart of hearts that it’s going to a good cause.”

Sheila Inchaw, Manager, Craigilea Care Home


“This is something we really want to give and share what we can to those who have who are really in desperate need. If you have something you don’t need or use please give it to this charity, they well deserved it as they do great work.”

Mother Marie Claire, Sisters of the Poor.