An environmental and humanitarian volunteer led project

Charity Reg. No. SC048507

Gift a Container

Donate a full, half or quarter of 40ft container.
In the past our containers have been sent to Ghana, Iraq, Lebanon, Malawi, Pakistan, Palestine (Gaza), Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

A typical full container list:

100 x Manual wheelchair
200 x Zimmer frames
40 x Three/four-wheel rollators
10 x Commodes
10 x Table trolleys
5 x Adjustable Stools
10 x Crutches
40 x Walking Sticks
2 x Electric wheelchair
3 x Specialised wheelchair
2 x Medical beds
2 x Hoists
5 x Mattresses
10 x Comfy Chairs
1 x Bath lifts
10 x Adjustable stools
5 x Toilet support frames
4 x Shower chairs
2 x Wheelchair ramps
5 x Incontinent pad boxes
100 x Miscellaneous items

A 40ft HC container consists of over 500 moiblity aids.

There is no better feeling than filling a container to the brim, closing the door and placing te seal. The fruit of all the labour; lists, calls, emails, logistics, driving, uplifts, storing and loading – encapsulated in one forty foot large box space.

We invite those that can afford to; to support a full half or quarter container gift. Your donation includes the cost of collecting all of these aids, storing and the shipping costs to a country in need. The contents of every container vary. Opposite a list of typical packing lists. Your gift will transform the lives of not only those receiving these aids but also those who have been caring from them and their extended network.

All the work is carried out by volunteers giving up their time over several months and you can be a part of this incredible journey to help disabled people in need in countries like; Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Gambia, Ghana, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Malawi, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Uganda, and Yemen where they will transform lives.

The delivery of our containers from collection to distribution span a number of months, navigating through paperwork and procedures. Destinations are not fixed as circumstances are changing continuously and depend on where can currently get access to. As a major donor you will receive detailed feedback along with photos and videos of the journey of your gifts.

If you would like to know more about the process please complete the enquiry form below and we will be in touch soon.

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